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Je suis au monde. Habiter autrement la planète : [book]

«Sometimes we forget. We get used to the things that are in front of us. We end up not seeing them anymore. What can these things teach us? How do all these different elements come together to form a whole called Earth? Which is our place in this great whole and which could it be? Why is this Earth threatened today and what can we do about it?»

We invite you to a great tour of the world to observe the phenomena, the mysteries, the changes, to dive in the ocean and get lost in the jungle, to approach the polar cap and take a walk in the city. To understand how we, human beings, also belong to the planet. What do you say? Would you like to come?

Je suis au monde (I am in the world) is a documentary book that I wrote together with Pierre Ducrozet and was beautifully illustrated by Stéphane Kiehl.

Through six dives in different landscapes, Je suis au monde proposes to accompany children in a common reflection that combines climate, environment and human history, to better understand our world and its challenges, present or future.

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Every book has a story. The story of Je suis au monde begins with an encounter, two backpacks loaded with questions, and a long journey.
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Published by Actes Sud Junior.

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