Julieta Cánepa
Author & Art Director

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Hi! ¡Hola! Bonjour ! All about Je suis au monde, my latest book, here.

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My name is Julieta Cánepa.

I explore a multidisciplinary approach to my work.
I’m an art director. I’m a designer. I’m an author.
My books have been published by Actes Sud junior and La Martinière Jeunesse.
The latest one, Je suis au monde, is an invitation to reflect together on the role, of us humans, in the beautiful and complex network of biodiversity, and will be out on March 2021.
I write both in Spanish and French.
I grew up in Argentina.
I live in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona.
I’ve just come back
from a long trip through Asia.
I’m currently in Nepal, India
, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan,
France back in Barcelona.
I’ve just launched a new project called En Nombre del Lobo, an online space where to articulate thoughts and conversations on ecology and biodiversity.

At this very moment, I’m working on two new books.

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